Why This Is the Best SUV Ever Made

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Did you know that Lexus has secretly been sweeping off-roading races in the last year? Yeah, we didn't either. We'll look at how off-roading suspension has changed over the past few decades, and how "luxury off-roading" may well be the next step in its evolution. We'll take a spin in the Lexus J201 off-roading concept vehicle to find out why this once-secret car might be the future of competitive off roading.

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Zed Nine
Zed Nine Pred 12 minutami
Does the 4-Runner have the same advanced suspension as the Land Cruiser?
jonsjunkmailonly Pred 13 minutami
Lexus. If you know, you know.
TruthOrDie777. com
TruthOrDie777. com Pred 24 minutami
Show starts at 3:20 Thank me later
Jay Froeschner
Jay Froeschner Pred 44 minutami
What manager do I have to speak to in order to file a complaint on ending the best vehicle dynasty ever
cordellej Pred 55 minutami
they discontinuing it cause it to damn expensive and people are stopping buying it by the droves. its an awesome vehicle but places on the planet where people buy it its to damn expensive and basically a waste of money. people will go for cheaped 4x4 suv like the fortuner instead or the mux ( well discountinued in america)
vincent vhangani
vincent vhangani Pred uro
In south africa in 2022 we are getting a new model of a land cruiser
Hail Kol
Hail Kol Pred uro
Oil jets from 1800 witch nothing new
dbdan61 Pred uro
Yup, grocery getters. My buddy has a lexus that he doesn't even want to get dirt on it. 😂
yoloomis Pred uro
Could you please do a video in the F15 X50i Please
Samuel Fitzsimmons
Samuel Fitzsimmons Pred 2 urami
Cheers for the video fellas, I noticed you did a video on holden, an Aussie car brand. Any chance you guys could done video on Ford Australia? They made some serious cars. Some now sell for over $400,000 And is a rear one. Cause yeah the mighty Barra is god.
woopygoman Pred 2 urami
4:10 to 4:15 is just so f'n perfect. Full version please!!!
Bryan Montes
Bryan Montes Pred 2 urami
RAV 4 is a good compact SUV too! I love the RAV 4 Adventure
Chris Mata
Chris Mata Pred 2 urami
It’s a cool car but would never spend more than 50 thousand on a Toyota
youssef aoude
youssef aoude Pred 3 urami
It's not true info! LC 2022 exist and LC is not discontinued. It's not because nobody buy it in usa . Go to GCC they already received it
mrk panait
mrk panait Pred 3 urami
Toyota take my money 💰!
ItsYaBoiMat Pred 3 urami
Me getting ready to buy a GX470 this video comes out it's a sign
Juan Gomzales
Juan Gomzales Pred 4 urami
Land cruiser Prado turbo diesel the best Land cruiser 200 , number 2 Lexus number 3 Fj cruiser number 4 4 runner number 5 Rav4 Sequioa
CoRona Virus
CoRona Virus Pred 5 urami
Let’s be real, the fj40 is still the king of all the Land Cruisers. Facts
Mu'izz Bullen
Mu'izz Bullen Pred 7 urami
20 haha yrs It's the same worldwide
E N Pred 7 urami
Mitsubishi Pajero most wins in Dakkar rally
Waleed Darwish
Waleed Darwish Pred 8 urami
The 4.7 v8 wasn’t in the 200 series only the 100 series
A Crazy Diamond
A Crazy Diamond Pred 8 urami
Some overland channel is going to buy it and then strip everything and put their own aftermarket overland parts on it
Cotto's Tips & Vlogs
Cotto's Tips & Vlogs Pred 9 urami
Come to Australia where every landcruiser has a bullbar
Richard Locke
Richard Locke Pred 9 urami
I love that he understands we won’t be able to afford one for 20 years.
Glynn Jones
Glynn Jones Pred 9 urami
Toyota is discontinuing the Land Cruiser* *in America
Abrar Aziz
Abrar Aziz Pred 10 urami
Toyota isn’t discontinuing the whole model, they’re just not bringing the 300 series to the us market
Heiko Gehrig
Heiko Gehrig Pred 11 urami
Discontinued in the U.S.A.. A bit misleading just saying it's discontinued fullstop. Toyota is a global corporation, and Land Cruisers are sold globally. It's still being sold and going very strong [reliably] everywhere else in the world it's been introduced.
geo BKK
geo BKK Pred 11 urami
Give me that stock offloading LX570 NOW!!!
Eliemanuel Vega
Eliemanuel Vega Pred 12 urami
The hard-to-find box classically occur because river markedly part worth a delirious destruction. voracious, present maple
fahd alkhtany
fahd alkhtany Pred 13 urami
Theyre canceling it in the US not the world
Sharyaar Pred 13 urami
The new one was just announced?
Darrel Radjendra
Darrel Radjendra Pred 13 urami
The new LC just got announced bro
tim chen
tim chen Pred 14 urami
Toyota announced the LC300 will be coming to the entire world but not North America. Me: (Sad American noises)
Ben Stanbridge
Ben Stanbridge Pred 14 urami
Pulling it from the US market isn’t the same as discontinuing it. Just like school shootings being regular in the US does not mean they’re a regular occurrence everywhere. You’re not the centre of the universe America…
Navieen Nallasivam
Navieen Nallasivam Pred 14 urami
Lol, you checked that there is a land cruiser in every country but didn't check where it's being discontinued. Still up for sale in most of Asia and Europe 😂😂
platkuning 999
platkuning 999 Pred 14 urami
i like toyota
Cristian Zamora
Cristian Zamora Pred 15 urami
Sorry guys... had one, dad had one... went back to LR4s within the year... Lexus nor Toyota can stand up... it's ALL about maintenance
Zaheem Abdulla
Zaheem Abdulla Pred 15 urami
Wait till he finds about Nissan Patrol💥💥💥
Daryn Brokamp
Daryn Brokamp Pred 16 urami
It’s only to the US market. Because no one chooses a vehicle that makes sense for practical use over status
deebocj Pred 17 urami
This guy is hilarious 🤣 but good.
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Pred 17 urami
Incoming Jerry edition Money Pit: Truck it up
interloop Pred 17 urami
Hate that these videos make the used market even more unaffordable
Deliciouslife Tv
Deliciouslife Tv Pred 18 urami
I highly recommend this vehicle to all of my friends
patmald Pred 18 urami
I just want an utilitarian model in my life
Ben Anderson
Ben Anderson Pred 18 urami
I gotta say, even the 60 series land cruisers are alot more "luxurious" than other vehicles of the time.
AbuTamim23 Pred 20 urami
In Middle East new Land cruiser will arrive soon and still we have FJ.
Nicola Tesla
Nicola Tesla Pred 20 urami
^Tom dilong after blink-182^ Great video. Thumbs up
James Valentine
James Valentine Pred 21 uro
Only in North America.....
Jambo Rmbac
Jambo Rmbac Pred 22 urami
Nature is not a mother. Allah created nature
Bj Buckley
Bj Buckley Pred 22 urami
Where still getting it in Australia.the new LC 300
E_gaming09 Pred 22 urami
0:07 nice Lexus prado
Cj Senanayake
Cj Senanayake Pred 22 urami
Dude drop the "jokes" it's not funny and lame. Informative video. 👍👍
SILLI4x4 Pred dnevom
Real offroad cars have 3 diff locks.💪
the unknown guy
the unknown guy Pred dnevom
MCG Pred dnevom
Is his watch a Garmin Instinct?
ksv Pred dnevom
Back when osama bin laden would only have a land cruiser in his barrage, now the isis have to decide what they can use to keep up
Ekrema Ziaullah
Ekrema Ziaullah Pred dnevom
Just a word of advice: Flip-flops are not ideal for breaking into places.... Just don't ask me how I know
Infiniti Chico
Infiniti Chico Pred dnevom
R.I.P Toyota Land Cruiser!!!
carlos melgoza
carlos melgoza Pred dnevom
Lmaoo thiefin around in flip flops
Sean Rush
Sean Rush Pred dnevom
That is the sickest suv ever
Karel Simbwae
Karel Simbwae Pred dnevom
It’s the sandals for me @2:30
occasionalquest Pred dnevom
V8 from Toyota is not good ... not enough power but fuel consumption is at least 200 hp more v8 comparable.. not a very good one. If like V8 take GM trucks/SUV ... due to nobody else will continue them and V8 from them is good ... Remember first v8 from them show up in 1914 ... V6 with Biturbo is the right thing consider V8 was not this producer thing. There is a new Landcruiser 300 and it is worse than 200 and 100 interior space-wise (horizontal) while size is not changed much. It is a failure. If you look cross country capabilities at is as good as X5, GL ... which has a better salon and equal reliability if going no sport versions (the over boosted engines, lowering, and complicated suspension ) right now even Taho is a better strange, but it is such situation like now and if go escalade the user will get fantastic front display center which this manufacture will doesn`t have at least in this generation or at least next 5 years ... Taking about offroad Toyota lost it as well, Ford Raptor, Chevy Bison ZR2, Z71 package for Chevy, Dodge 1500 TRX. Buying this producer truck/suv right now is no sense unless the customer is a fanboy of Toyota or there is killing cheap price, lease or availability if other is not possible order or buy ...
Clinton Robertson
Clinton Robertson Pred dnevom
NB: it’s being discontinued in America but the rest of the world still gets the Land cruiser
Byron Garay
Byron Garay Pred dnevom
WTF?! The new *Land Cruiser 300* was actually unveiled 2 days ago... Nl longer in the states doesnt mean its discontinued. Smh
Hunter Manley
Hunter Manley Pred dnevom
Bridget, Bridget is his first first name
Toti Riel
Toti Riel Pred dnevom
This guy is so annoying! Grow up dude....you already look like a senior citizen....
Alpha Beta
Alpha Beta Pred dnevom
Jose Cardenas
Jose Cardenas Pred dnevom
Tony Pred dnevom
What an amazingly INFORMATIVE video! I'm a Lexus IS guy who secretly lusts after the 4Runner/GX models, but I can't drive those things in the city. :-P New Fan/Subscriber here!
Lawrence Cervantes
Lawrence Cervantes Pred dnevom
You missed the most important issue here. It's 85,000 and for a SUV that drives mostly on the street its too much money.
Siddharth M
Siddharth M Pred dnevom
Toyota discontinued LC in North America
Lawrence Cervantes
Lawrence Cervantes Pred dnevom
Bo ZEEZ ( دماغ مزهرية )
Bo ZEEZ ( دماغ مزهرية ) Pred dnevom
One of the quirks of living in the Middle East we have all cars 😆 we even get a 3 door Prado
absher mansoor
absher mansoor Pred dnevom
not being discontinued....it's not coming to the US or Western Europe. but it's still being sold in the UAE and Russia.
hm008vaj Pred dnevom
I don't care about the best frame, body, design, engine, or reliability. I just want to blow $90 grand on the fake vents and exhaust tips! So cool! 😎
Miguel Osterroht
Miguel Osterroht Pred dnevom
We dont have LCs in Brazil, very few Prados tho. But the Hilux is everywhere.
Dano Pred dnevom
The fortuner should be scrapped
Adam Waz
Adam Waz Pred dnevom
That Lexus looks sick!!! 😎🤙
José Miguel Ferreira Williams
José Miguel Ferreira Williams Pred dnevom
No it isn't 🤔
Seth lynx
Seth lynx Pred dnevom
Review the Jimny
mizuki Pred dnevom
Toyota made another lc
Deadwood21+ Pred dnevom
Watching this video after watch New Toyota LC Teaser Video
J. T
J. T Pred dnevom
Liked and subscribed dude!
shane avison
shane avison Pred dnevom
The new land cruiser 300 has just arrived in New Zealand, and it looks good , petty about not having a v8 but I think the v6 will do just as good , the styling is new and modern, looks mean
Adrian Angelo Esteban
Adrian Angelo Esteban Pred dnevom
Robbing in flip flops hahaha
I'd pick a Land Cruiser over a Ferrari All day.
Ej style
Ej style Pred dnevom
It looks like a high end Toyota Fortuner 2021
Vida Bajasur
Vida Bajasur Pred dnevom
...cause its a LEXUS!
Coolfog2 Pred dnevom
But they aren't discontinued, the LC 300 series is coming out this month in Australia ?
Pizza Dino
Pizza Dino Pred dnevom
There a new 2022 land cruiser
Greg Kollaeg
Greg Kollaeg Pred dnevom
The Land Cruiser is not SUV! 🤦‍♂️
Glenn Dewitt
Glenn Dewitt Pred dnevom
THOMAS BOLDT Pred dnevom
Hilarious man. Love it
Abdulqadir Abuharrus
Abdulqadir Abuharrus Pred dnevom
The Landcruiser isn't being discontinued, they just won't sell it in the US anymore. The new-gen J300 just debuted yesterday and will be sold everywhere that appreciates Landcruisers for what they are, just like the 70 series!
joey mccullough
joey mccullough Pred dnevom
Trying to be sneaky in flip flops-hahaha-slap, slap, slap!
Austin McDonald
Austin McDonald Pred dnevom
You guys might have the best content on SLus period...
bouncybouncy Pred dnevom
what a stupid ass video.. LC is being sold all over the wolrd...
Joshua Kaminski
Joshua Kaminski Pred dnevom
Hahahaha! You're right! Got a 2012 Lexus myself
Wei Wang
Wei Wang Pred dnevom
LC300 is launched now
Buy these before they blow up
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