Why Elon is Wrong About Hydrogen Fuel

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A few weeks ago Wheelhouse made an episode about how Hydrogen cars were supposed to be the future of automobiles. And in that episode Nolan made a pretty good economic argument for why they failed. An argument that everyone’s favorite billionaire, Elon Musket, might agree with. But like all things car related, I get curious about the engineering side of things. Outside of politics, why couldn’t the car of the future be hydrogen powered? Well today on B2B we’re gonna take a look at hydrogen-fueled tech, and explain why Elon Musk might just be wrong about hydrogen cars.

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J.s. Pred 3 urami
its a competitor to electric cars, of course elon is gonna crap all over it. the elon fanboys keep forgetting that elon has to promote his companies. look at lidar, elon been crapping over that for a decade, but now most of the car companies are using lidar or lidar maps for self driving
Tony Rock
Tony Rock Pred 11 urami
ELON MUSK is positioned for hydrogen cars. All he needs to fo is add the fuel celss instead of batteries.
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 9 urami
Well you’d actually need to keep half the batteries, add fuel cell and add fuel storage and add additional coolant systems then redesign the chassis to protect the fuel tanks against explosion and to be corrosive resistant to continuous exposure to water vapour.
Tyler Titus
Tyler Titus Pred 13 urami
Alternative title: "WhY wE nO sCieNce oR MatHs goOd w tEh hyDrogEnz"
sagi Stark
sagi Stark Pred 13 urami
im just laughing by looking at this guy . How dumb his statement is . if hydrogen production cause Carbon monoxide and carbon di oxide , then how are they successfull 🤣🤣
TOYOTA Boyz Pred 4 urami
EV cars are produced by factories ran by fossil fuels, not 100% renewable energy like they claim. They’re destroying wild life in desserts and forests to build these factories. EV production uses more fossil fuels than fkn gasoline itself! Other rare minerals are consumed in this process just to produce low to no em emission vehicles but at the expense of destroying the planet even more.
Lord of Strangburg
Lord of Strangburg Pred 20 urami
With all that water on the road wouldn’t it cause ICE build up in cold seasons in some states ?
gonzalo moreno andonaegui
gonzalo moreno andonaegui Pred 20 urami
I love to see Donut Media making more videos about EVs
TomatoDrifter Pred 23 urami
I just want Donut to know that we love JareBear and B2B
DS's videoblogs
DS's videoblogs Pred dnevom
Why can't we mix hydrogen car and ev. Like a hybrid.
Franklin Araujo
Franklin Araujo Pred dnevom
I think battery-powered electric cars need fewer parts than a hydrogen car. If you are going to produce hydrogen you need energy that usually comes from fossil fuel and even if it is renewable you will need a network just for the production of hydrogen which would make the fuel cost high (but could change over time). The storage and transport of hydrogen is another problem as it is highly explosive and requires noble metals. Now production is made from hydrocarbons (methane) and petroleum derivatives.
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 13 urami
Battery electric cars *do* have fewer parts than hydrogen cars.
Costea Ciprian
Costea Ciprian Pred dnevom
Elon is not wrong about Hydrogen, but you are wrong, think twice
Eskel the Scottish Railway Enthusiast and Roblox
Eskel the Scottish Railway Enthusiast and Roblox Pred dnevom
The thumbnail made me laugh xD
Jesler Alimes
Jesler Alimes Pred dnevom
Your BF/GF explanation makes it even more confusing.
Nick Pred dnevom
Every time I hear the word "Electrolyte" I just think of Tropic Thunder.
Ilias MOUSSAOUI Pred dnevom
Them analogies 👌🏼
That's Interesting.
That's Interesting. Pred 2 dnevi
I don't get it tho Elon is right. if we use up all the hydrogen, we wont have water.
Bath Tub
Bath Tub Pred 2 dnevi
He missed an important part. Electrolysis of water is very energy inefficient process with very high electricity requirements. We would rather use electricity to directly charge the batteries.
Demi404 Pred 2 dnevi
Instead of producing electricity with the hydrogen why not burn it.
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred dnevom
Less efficient. Less performance and even less lifespan
Joshua Schofield
Joshua Schofield Pred 2 dnevi
Use electricity to power your car, or use electricity to create hydrogen that is converted back to electricity via an onboard system that then powers your car...yeah the choice is simple. Hydrogen cars are supported by companies that want to distribute hydrogen. Simple physics people. Give up the stupid hydrogen car arguments.
Steve Pred 2 dnevi
1 in 44 hate this video
Steve Pred 2 dnevi
Because its TRASH!!!
Oscar Garcia
Oscar Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
1 important thing to remember is you can store Hydrogen as a solid too using a metal complex. Also you don't need water to get hydrogen, you can fish it out of other substances too
pheoix Pred 3 dnevi
Another advantage is that is way ahead in terms of energy storage. Batteries degrade over time. Hydrogen can be stores endlessly with no energy loss. It can solve storage for renewable energy. Fuel cells are also getting smaller and more compact. Also I always thought as ev to be a stepping stone to hydrogen Evs.
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 2 dnevi
Well no actually. While batteries do degrade over time, storing Energy as hydrogen has two fundamental drawbacks. 1.) it’s inefficient, you lose around 60% of the energy by storing it as hydrogen. Producing hydrogen has a 30% loss, and converting it back into electricity has a 40% loss. You’d have to store energy in a battery for decades before it becomes worthwhile to store it as hydrogen. And that’s also ignoring losses from liquefying, compressing and transport of hydrogen. 2.) you can’t actually contain hydrogen. Hydrogen atoms are so small that they can leak through solid metal. You can design special tanks out of exotic materials to mitigate this but you can’t stop it as the atoms are too small. Additionally in the process of hydrogen interacting with/leaking through metal. It embrittles it. Meaning the longer you store it, the weaker it gets until it fails.
Devin Allen
Devin Allen Pred 3 dnevi
Love this channel but y’all got so much wrong on here it’s just cringey to watch. At least get your basics correct if you’re this big a channel smh
nick levi
nick levi Pred 3 dnevi
As much as i like you guys, but a car enthusiasts youtube channel cant beat automotive companies and even a whole nation of japan on research and reasoning. Now imagine if japan govt make a video reply to you guys, complete with their achievement so far. For a video channel, this is to aggressive 😆🙏
Ryan Cipriani
Ryan Cipriani Pred 3 dnevi
@3:40 Seems that's backwards. Electrons travel from the negative terminal to the positive.
Nick Bonardi
Nick Bonardi Pred 3 dnevi
He didn't even acknowledge any of the arguments against hydrogen, then concluded that Elon is wrong.
Elfie Huber
Elfie Huber Pred 3 dnevi
What did i learn from this? Well H2 / fuel cell is still no threat to batteries and our favourite billionaire is still right. BUT Donut Media is definitely a serious threat to mainstream media entertainment programs.
Andrew Beaton
Andrew Beaton Pred 3 dnevi
STORAGE< SAFELY... Not there yet. Each one of these would be a ticking time bomb in accidents... BUT IF THEY were able to "SCIENCE THE SHIT out of this." . This coming from a guy who blew up his first 4 hydrogen Wet cells in 2013. BTW Got 63 mpg from 28. Hydrogen is so dangerous! It was like a grenade of sodium hydroxide (ACID) and ELECTROLYTES going off under my hood twice, and twice in the face! LMAO. Luckily still have a face! I'm spooked after those lol. I support water gas.
Hein Htet Aung
Hein Htet Aung Pred 3 dnevi
I don’t see water I saw threesome.
Nagy Andras
Nagy Andras Pred 3 dnevi
not..that easy. its problematic to store hydrogen. and its allso a low energy density thing. look up NH3 association and NH3 based fuel cells. now thats the deal, only 10 bar pressure required and far more energy dense than hydrogen or lithium battery stuff. with all the advantages.
Nicholas Langton
Nicholas Langton Pred 3 dnevi
You literally just explained hydrogen in a a goofy way and basically did not address why it is inferior to electric.
zeed stun
zeed stun Pred 3 dnevi
I dont get it. Why would i go with hydrogen to power the battery when i can skip the hydrogen and just go straight to the battery? You still need that battery no matter what. I still think battery hot swapping is the greater future.
Pine Tree
Pine Tree Pred 3 dnevi
Why can’t we just use hydrogen in an internal combustion engine? Why convert it to electricity?
Zane Courtney
Zane Courtney Pred 3 dnevi
It's more likely to kick out gasoline than EV's. Just replace the gas at existing stations with hydrogen and the infrastructure problem mostly solves itself. It just comes down to startup cost at the moment.
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 3 dnevi
Hydrogen cannot use existing infrastructure. The nearest you're going to get is LPG infrastructure. However here is why that cant work. 1.) Hydrogen atoms are so small that they can leak through solid metal. not only would the containment and hoses for LPG not be suitable for this but neither would the gaskets and seals. It would leak like a pasta strainer, which is significant for a highly explosive gas with no smell. not only that but when it does leak through metal it embrittles it. significantly weakening the metal. 2.) Liquid Hydrogen needs to be stored at over 32 times the pressure of LPG. This means that the containment vessels, even if they were made of a hydrogen suitable material would not be suitable for hydrogen as it would not be able to contain the pressures required. 3.) Hydrogen has a very low inversion temperature. The inversion temperature is the temperature at which a gas goes from super cooling as its decompressed to superheating. that means whilst LPG infrastructure is designed to handle decreasing temperatures as the gas is transported or drained. Hydrogen heat up the infrastructure which means they are fundamentally incompatible. All this means is that you would have to build and entire hydrogen infrastructure *from scratch.* To install hydrogen at an existing fuel station you would need to bury it, not just install new hoses or pumps. You need to buy hydrogen because of how explosive it is. This means you would have to demolish the existing fuel station and re-build it from the ground up.... for every fuel station. meanwhile you can easily add a super charger or destination charger at any location which has electricity for a fraction of the cost, time, effort. Including any fuel station.
Aleko117 Pred 3 dnevi
7:13 lmfao
FZMello Pred 3 dnevi
Aside from the infrastructure issue is that the hydrogen fuel cells take up a lot of space in the car and would outweigh the engine and gas tank they're trying to supplant. Then there's the cost. Hydrogen is rather expensive and hard to find commercially. Not to mention, the catalytic units will have to be replaced every so often, just like a catalytic converter, but at even greater cost. Next issue is that, in case of an accident, your car stands a very good chance of becoming the Hindenburg. Hydrogen burns very hot and very fast, and iirc, fire in the fuel cells can release some very toxic smoke, fumes and vapors from the materials involved. Lastly, I think he enjoyed dressing up as a girl just a little too much.
quintespeed Pred 4 dnevi
If it’s as expensive as gasoline now, what’s the point? Who can fill up their hydrogen car at home? They better step it up or “Elon” will leave ’em in the dust.
ez45 Pred 4 dnevi
Less looks like this:
IamTimEre Pred 4 dnevi
10min in, still not sure why hydrogen is bad...
Xn Chen
Xn Chen Pred 4 dnevi
The lack of power for any electrical motor is usually caused by battery's internal resistance. With hydrogen ev, the resistance is created by the slow moving rate of H ions. But capacitor don't have internal resistance. Why didn't they hook up a capacitor in parallel to the hydrogen cells, so that it does the fast discharge during acceleration and accumulates energy during low speed and even speed conditions?
Syliss Pred 4 dnevi
Are these cars going to have an exhaust spitting water?
Leon Laubscher
Leon Laubscher Pred 4 dnevi
This video seriously missed the mark. No comparison of costs? No mention of the inefficiency of using electricity to produce hydrogen then using that hydrogen to generate electricity to run the car...vs just using electricity straight to run a car. The arguments used against EV's, like limited range, charging times, charging infrastructure, are fast becoming non-issues as the tech matures. H2 has potential in long-range trucking, shipping, etc. but it's safe to say EV's have won the passenger vehicle battle. I'm siding with Elon on this one and I'm far from being his biggest fan.
Aarya Kshirsagar
Aarya Kshirsagar Pred 4 dnevi
Bro it's b2b, he just talks about the technology of the car if you want to see price comparison and their efficiency go watch wheelhouse by nolan like he mentioned in the start.
Bryan Escamilla
Bryan Escamilla Pred 4 dnevi
I worked at in a warehouse that used Hydrogen Fuel Cells to power forklifts. The refueling was quick and easy but boy did those things break down an awful lot. I mean there was almost always a queue of around 10-15 broken down at a time and the technicians could only fix about 2-5 a day by my estimates.
ok dude
ok dude Pred 4 dnevi
Cuz I'm going to believe that you guys know more than Elon
Aman Pandey
Aman Pandey Pred 4 dnevi
Now that's how you make ads. Take notes guys!
Ace Ggkspade
Ace Ggkspade Pred 4 dnevi
That survey was before 2018 when the Tesla rocked the car industry. I bet they aren’t saying that anymore
Nick Barba
Nick Barba Pred 4 dnevi
bmw is already ready to go with fuel cell tech. waiting on the global market to be "ready"
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 4 dnevi
In the meantime they’ve released a range of battery electric vehicles including and electric M3
Bal Loney
Bal Loney Pred 4 dnevi
This hydro tech should happen otherwise we continue to ruin our climate and besides lithium production will erode and it will be impossible to sustain EV batteries.
Bal Loney
Bal Loney Pred 4 dnevi
No need for actor(s) for analogy, the graphics are good enough.
sandas turner
sandas turner Pred 4 dnevi
Well, my worry is how are batteries for evs going to impact the environment vs the inefficiency of hydrogen (and scarceness of it). Also, regenerative braking and solar panels on a hydrogen car would also help.
Kevin B
Kevin B Pred 4 dnevi
you lose energy making h2, just to make electricity... to charge a small battery. lol its an wasteful ev. I work with h2 powered equipment. they are junk and have been scrapped at the neighboring facility. so much waste to avoid a bigger battery, with battery swaps its as quick as fueling. h2 fuel stations often have issues same with the cells themselves. if I get through a shift without having a code set off its a miracle!
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Pred 4 dnevi
Another useful phrase besides PANIC - LEO goes GER (loss of electrons is oxidation, gain of electrons is reduction)
Tesla Pred 4 dnevi
Yuvraj Thakur
Yuvraj Thakur Pred 4 dnevi
A lot of viewer time was wasted in the viewing of this video.
808kahulaa Pred 4 dnevi
Hydrogen been touted as the solution, battery tech came and turned it into a afterthought. If someone wanted hydrogen to happen, it would have happened. It’s bunk tech, losses and changes are too much. Elon’s right up until now. Future might tell otherwise but all legacy makers are following Tesla’s lead with batteries, not Toyota’s with fuel cells.
CHE Guevara
CHE Guevara Pred 4 dnevi
Makes no sense, the energy you need to obtain the Hydrogen is way to high, plus then you carry around all that equipment in form of a fuel cell, it is not efficient, electric cars are much more simple, less parts, it is basically a battery and motors, simple to maintain and more reliable. If anything if you have a cheap way to obtain Hydrogen, then it may make sense to put a big fuel cell at the pump, then produce electricity that can charge the cars.
Bujf vjg
Bujf vjg Pred 4 dnevi
The BMW Hydrogen 7 actually COMBUSTS HYDROGEN! A 6 liter V12 burning hydrogen!
Sushmoy Asif
Sushmoy Asif Pred 5 dnevi
Just make up your mind, Donut. :)
FileNotFound__ Pred 5 dnevi
So I googled "what makes more co2, a car or a cow" and I got this answer "It's been estimated that methane gas from cows is 23 times more damaging to the climate than the carbon dioxide from cars." So why dfaq are you trying to fix cars, Don't just ignore the real problem ffs.
lawnmowerdude Pred 3 dnevi
Firstly this answer you found should be looked into further to determine it accuracy. Secondly, cars and cows are both issues and there are enough people on the planet to work on both problems at the same time. Plus you’re watching a car channel and not a farming channel so that’s why they are not talking about cows. A immediate solution would be to drive stinky cars less and east less tasty meat but we both know that’s not going to happen.
Josh VS
Josh VS Pred 5 dnevi
the politics ideas for the next goverment in my country could make this actually possible and OBLIGATORY at some point. Costa Rica might not be the best example of a rich country for sure but we are having tons of issues on petroleum products and industries for years. sooooooo, let's see what happens, we are the guinea pig here.
Unholy Tendencies
Unholy Tendencies Pred 5 dnevi
happy pride
Adrian Moreno
Adrian Moreno Pred 5 dnevi
the hydrogen atom is a fucking simp
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
Electricity to Hydrogen to car storage tank to fuel cell to battery to motor rather than Electricity to car Battery to motor. 🤔
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
First principles people we don't need a Rube Goldberg machine, we need transportation that is simple to maintain
Peter Rullmann
Peter Rullmann Pred 5 dnevi
Okay, you didn't even touch efficiency, the most important argument against hydrogen. 🤔 And your main argument is that old-school car execs say it has a bright future... ?!
panzerclaws claws
panzerclaws claws Pred 4 dnevi
@Raghu Sajeev Agree, is not as convenient as an plug-in vehicle that you can just charge at home while sleeping.
Raghu Sajeev
Raghu Sajeev Pred 4 dnevi
Exactly. Hydrogen is just an EV with extra steps. And, it's not economical to scale. Much easier to produce and transport a lot of electricity than Hydrogen
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
EV owners can produce their own fuel. Hydrogen owners can pay for Hydrogen, let's see who's backing this movement, ohhhh the oil companies I wonder why.
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
No I don't own a Tesla
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
I believe Hydrogen vehicles still require a battery and the fuel cell runs more like a generator at a constant rate. Why add all this complexity, just store energy in a battery.
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
Why spend the electricity to create H at a greater loss than just charging a battery? What is the efficiency of the fuel cell?
LocalPulsar H.
LocalPulsar H. Pred 5 dnevi
Maybe 60% for the fuel cell and 70-80% for electrolysis and pressurizing. Leaves us with 40-50% overall efficiency while batteries achieve at least 80-90% overall efficiency. Twice as energy efficient.
Paul Gregory Iwankow
Paul Gregory Iwankow Pred 5 dnevi
#1 benefit of ownership of an EV, charging at home. Can I make HE and fill my Hydrogen car at home?
martin barlow
martin barlow Pred 5 dnevi
Clickbate! the cost of the energy is 4:1. I'll never be able to produce H at home. Thats why dirty fuel and auto co's like H.
Reg S
Reg S Pred 5 dnevi
Here is an easy way to remember cathode and anode. Cathode is positive because cats have paws.
Jens Kristian Jensen
Jens Kristian Jensen Pred 5 dnevi
Why you're wrong about Hydrogen fuel - a video with numbers, and less analogies: slus.info/name/video/YJRlgoDJbH3Zkro.html
SevenDeMagnus Pred 5 dnevi
Interesting. Only time will tell. :-) God bless, Revelation 214:
Honda Land
Honda Land Pred 5 dnevi
We just need porche to finish the synthetic fuel that they are creating for ICE platforms. It seems impervious to me to completely wipe out all vehicles that have been made since the beginning of time that use ice technology and try and replace it with something that you don't even know is going to last forever and then on top of that all of the recalls. We need to think smarter not harder. Electric cars only steal from the planet. They do not help it.
Honda Land
Honda Land Pred 5 dnevi
@Engineering the weird guy synthetic lubricants exist but will take out oil companies. Different fuels that work in an ICE engine that dont actually leave carbon behind have been made but again will kill industries. Why do you think car manufacturers are going the battery route. It makes money. Just like cancer does. If you dont understand what it takes to make the batteries and the many bolts that were recalled then look into it. Electric cars will not last. No where near the time an ICE vehicle will. Original ICE engines are still on the road doing their job. Replacing the lube and fuel is not hard. Its only frowned upon. You know. Like chemo therapy. But mary janes illegal..
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 5 dnevi
You think ice cars last forever? You also think fuel reserves are also going to last forever? And what recalls? Steal from the earth? How? For materials they use to manufacture the battery? The ones that are completely recyclable? Wb the materials that are needed to make a combustion car, or the oil that needs to be drilled and refined for every mile you drive? Where do you think that comes from? Mars?
Honda Land
Honda Land Pred 5 dnevi
I can also tell that just for that audio clip y'all probably used the Miata and drove it slow to get those noises
Honda Land
Honda Land Pred 5 dnevi
0 to 60 in 10 seconds is like the average acceleration rate for most drivers that just drive. Not everyone mats the gas to the floor whenever they accelerate. So in my opinion that analogy kind of sucked
Pat Wawryk
Pat Wawryk Pred 5 dnevi
Damn Jerry tell us how you really feel! I wanna know what happened to you in your personal life....
Elbert Cuenca
Elbert Cuenca Pred 5 dnevi
Jake Harders
Jake Harders Pred 5 dnevi
Ice hydrogen?
Goldenoodles Pred 5 dnevi
The problem with hydrogen is that it is less efficient than just straight up electric cars. If you use the solar panels to make electricity to do electrolysis to get hydrogen, then make that hydrogen go back to electricity, which then goes to batteries / motors. If you go through that process can't you literally just use that electricity to literally just charge the battery and then power the motors. Bc you loose energy everytime you change the medium the energy is held in. You loose some energy to make the hydrogen then to make it back you also loose some, due to heat and u know shits not 100% efficient (nothing is) and if it goes to a battery that looses some energy as battery's aren't perfect just to go to to motors.
Hayden Coury
Hayden Coury Pred 5 dnevi
I got lost right after the ad
TractorBoy624 Pred 5 dnevi
Hydrogen fuel cell is just another form of battery... I would tomorrow go out to a car dealership and buy a hydrogen combustion engine powered car even if it was crap because I would want to help push that technology. But hydrogen fuel cell runs the same way as an ev and in my eyes it's not viable I still can't see ev cars working
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 5 dnevi
what is so flawed about using an electric motor, even with hydrogen. When using a fuel cell electric on hydrogen would get better range, performance, service life and operating costs than if you had hydrogen combustion?
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 5 dnevi
a hydrogen combustion engine has worse performance and service life than a regular combustion engine. It is also only around 20% efficient. a fuel cell system is closer to 60% efficient, meaning you'd get significantly more range from the same tank of hydrogen. and with the cost of hydrogen it becomes significantly less expensive with a fuel cell electric. But if you're going to go electric on that front anyways, Batteries hold all the advantages over hydrogen in the personal domestic vehicle market.
Fabio Romagnoli
Fabio Romagnoli Pred 5 dnevi
I just don't see how they are mutually exclusive.
Creative Catalyst
Creative Catalyst Pred 5 dnevi
Elon is wrong about most things. This is why BUYING an idea doesn't actually make it yours. It only becomes your property. Elon is a greedy fool.
Janwillem Pred 5 dnevi
Fool cells
Mirko Gruden
Mirko Gruden Pred 5 dnevi
Fast hydrogen cars will be much more expensive that electric cars, Hyperion XP-1 you mentioned cost 10 milion dollars!
Engineering the weird guy
Engineering the weird guy Pred 5 dnevi
that and the hyperion is a 2 seat 2 door no boot vehicle. Whilst the large luxury family sedan Tesla Model S plaid can out perform the 10 million dollar XP-1
Nils Inauen
Nils Inauen Pred 5 dnevi
take a look at roland gumpert's car. it runs on methanol and does not need the high-pressure hydrogen. he was the inventor of the audiquatro drive.
Mirko Gruden
Mirko Gruden Pred 5 dnevi
6:56 You seem fail to notice that oil IS a source of energy, but hydrogen is NOT. If you pump oil you get much more energy from it than you consume during pumping. But at hydrogen the situation is the OPPOSITE: you must put 3 to 4 times MORE energy making hydrogen than you get from it! BIG DIFFERENCE! Hydrogen can consume 3 to 4 times MORE energy than electric car and that is asociated with very high fuel cost for hydrogen car. Hydrogen cars makes no sense.
Juan Camilo
Juan Camilo Pred 5 dnevi
What about the “Riversimple Rasa”? Hydrogen Fuel Cell car designed by Rocket Supreme. This vehicles has been is the market for a while, check it out!
RantLantis Pred 6 dnevi
This somehow helps me with my science work better.
Sean Beasley
Sean Beasley Pred 6 dnevi
9.1 seconds is slow to 60? Yeah I'm looking at a polo diesel next and it's like 13 seconds to 60. Pray for me
Ionic Projection
Ionic Projection Pred 6 dnevi
I fucking love this brother. So incredibly hilarious and just the right amount of edutainment! Hydrogen Ad Astra!
Shailesh Manandhar
Shailesh Manandhar Pred 6 dnevi
Couldn't understand some, but found some statements misinformation as per basic science. It's funny video in total 👍
Panos Papadimitriou
Panos Papadimitriou Pred 6 dnevi
from what i see elon's story stinks and be refunded from a dark side of earth.. (mars joke) maybe space X needed a puppet for us to block upcoming questions .. by the way 1500 haters seems that bubble which seems big in fact isnt so big they want you to belive that so when you join this buble VOILAAAAA it then becomes promissed big!!!h... and goverments trying to push us to this semibulletproof bubble.. carefull . your choice in future CAN CHANGE THINGS..
GLR Pred 6 dnevi
trucks, ships and airplanes will use hydrogen in the future, cars will get away with next gen batteries...
Gokulnath Srinivasan
Gokulnath Srinivasan Pred 6 dnevi
yo where is editor kannan's ig handle?
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Pred 6 dnevi
At 9:00 the video tríese to address the title. Yet never does. This video should be flagged. This video is a complete waste of time. Pathetic
Adrian Torres
Adrian Torres Pred 6 dnevi
This has to be the worst donut media production to date. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You and kannan...
ARD Industries
ARD Industries Pred 6 dnevi
12 minutes of 100% BS. Its only a way to waste as much energy as possible. You need around 50kWh if energy to produce 1Kg of Hydrogen that maybe takes you 100Km. A Tesla drives you around 300Km with 50kWh. And thats only one downside of Haydrogen Cars.
Muranaman Pred 6 dnevi
Did they ever tell you it needs the power of an entire city, to produce the H and O2 cells.
Guilty Spark
Guilty Spark Pred 6 dnevi
Engineering Explained already broke down why Hydrogen Fuel Cells don't make sense for cars. Maybe for Cargo ships and large aircraft, but not cars.
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