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Honda Motor Co. made its name selling obsessively-engineered economy cars, but that’s only part of the story. Honda dreamed of racing victory. Then they made it happen. And then they brought what they’d learned to their road cars under an iconic red “R”. Join James Pumphrey as he meets the dreamers behind the NSX-R, the Civic Type R, and the Integra that changed the world’s perception of front-wheel-drive forever. This is the hidden history of Japan’s most influential badge, Honda Type R!

Huge thanks to Carl Pulley and all the fine folks at Acura, American Honda, Honda UK, and Honda Japan, we literally couldn’t have done this without you.

Props to Ryan Hailey for editing this episode. He's a really hilarious dude with the best “horse-in-space” voice in the biz. Here's a link to his channel: slus.info

Big ups to Raghav Arumugam for the animations. Dig his SLus channel for more: slus.info

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Takumi Fujiwara
Takumi Fujiwara Pred uro
definitely a Lancer EVO VIII
Ted cone
Ted cone Pred 23 urami
i liked the ones with shorter roofs, just my opinion rho
Benjamyn Brady
Benjamyn Brady Pred 23 urami
Nathan Corbett
Nathan Corbett Pred dnevom
Any early 90s Honda
Bryce F
Bryce F Pred dnevom
Impxred Pred 7 minutami
I love stocky 😳 I wanna buy one
Pascal Lautenschlager
Pascal Lautenschlager Pred 17 minutami
Can i have please the clip of the divert streets ?😂
Zen Pred uro
isle of man is of the south coast of England, Ireland is west coast of England lol
Michael Schneider
Michael Schneider Pred uro
it was all a dream
Stanca Wolf
Stanca Wolf Pred uro
Stocky look like Car Town cars :D
MVPOnDirecTv Pred uro
Up to speed on polaris???
Pablo Cordova
Pablo Cordova Pred 2 urami
Mazda speed next or tdr
Erik A
Erik A Pred 3 urami
Video starts at 3:21
Mbalama Baseme
Mbalama Baseme Pred 3 urami
finally, there is an up to speed episode again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Moose Man
Moose Man Pred 3 urami
💪🏼**** ***** ****
Steve James
Steve James Pred 5 urami
Iv had an ep3 and an fn2 with the lsd.......the fn2 is a much better car and incredible in the corners.... And with dicks like this saying they're rubbish means there are more about to choose from. Do yourself a favour mate if you ever get a chance to drive on of these amazing machines, preferably the lsd version then I suggest you do so instead of just shooting your mouth off......
Shaun Tan
Shaun Tan Pred 5 urami
Nice 👍. Glad that I manage to get the last NA Type R
Sebastian Dykier
Sebastian Dykier Pred 5 urami
One of the best “up to speed” yet 💪🏻 you guys are killing it and I can’t wait for the next stockys... maybe a Countach 🤔
Matthew Rafols
Matthew Rafols Pred 6 urami
Make a skyline stocky please
Certified Ridez
Certified Ridez Pred 7 urami
Built my hopes up and to find out its only shipped within the states.....gutted
Gentledark Pred 10 urami
So Lebron James now a measurement system? Oh you Muricans
Alex Boitano
Alex Boitano Pred 11 urami
So when can we buy stocky
Yusuf Jawad
Yusuf Jawad Pred 11 urami
Jeffrey,,, We cant have it in Pakistan???
StaticImage Pred 14 urami
This was honestly more poetic than anything else. 10/10
02 PH
02 PH Pred 14 urami
just click-bait you can get this information without having a sponsor pitch every 2 minutes. Literally
Wretched Slippage
Wretched Slippage Pred 15 urami
I LOVE the Donut brand and their aesthetic! FUCK! STOCKY IS RAD!
Caleb Bellville
Caleb Bellville Pred 19 urami
Caleb McCoy
Caleb McCoy Pred 20 urami
They need to bring the old intro back.
Autonut Pred 22 urami
“Bedfellers”? What does that mean?
Andrew Chao
Andrew Chao Pred 22 urami
Can we get a James-Lightening, lightening, lightening! as a ringtone please?
Chris TOTM
Chris TOTM Pred 23 urami
There is an old PS2 game called “Road Trip Adventure” and the cars in it look just like the stocky! Love ‘em!
Martin k20a
Martin k20a Pred 23 urami
Please stop schilling garbage to us!!!! PLease just make good videos.!!!
chin chin
chin chin Pred 23 urami
11:58 caught some air
Spoon Dude
Spoon Dude Pred dnevom
Could you guys make an up to speed about the Japanese Tuner Top Secret and Smoky Nagata?
Þráinn Ársælsson
Þráinn Ársælsson Pred dnevom
With all the inspirational music and the Disney quotes, I was really hoping for you to reconnect with your father at the end of the show. Really liked this episode BTW 😍
Nathan Corbett
Nathan Corbett Pred dnevom
3:47 Hey, you just can't climb in the ring with Ali 'cause you think you box
Rashidi Zafi
Rashidi Zafi Pred dnevom
Okay this is good.. BUT what about an ‘up to speed’.. on DONUT? I mean, right??
Oswaldo Netto
Oswaldo Netto Pred dnevom
There's one NSX in Brazil... slus.info/name/video/maqNanKnq7OSp8w.html The Ayrton Senna's NSX 😍
Jake Bennett
Jake Bennett Pred dnevom
How many times can u mention the agreement with mentioning when it was publicly broken . (Acura RL shawd 300hp j35)2004-05
Chris Lue
Chris Lue Pred dnevom
Amazing video love this.
melbornespina espina
melbornespina espina Pred dnevom
Whats the difference between a type R and mugen R of honda ? 🧐🤔
TNTFreddan Pred dnevom
7:17 ok, that shocked me a bit...
Noriboi Pred dnevom
Driftgod master
Driftgod master Pred dnevom
yoooo its me or does the honda f1 car looks like mario kart ds mario Kart car it looks like it
Zzzz Zzzzx
Zzzz Zzzzx Pred dnevom
This guy is inspirational
Marissa Gordon
Marissa Gordon Pred dnevom
The observant witness laterally add because basketball recently rinse notwithstanding a thoughtless marble. dispensable, receptive revolve
I love Minecraft
I love Minecraft Pred dnevom
You should make a stocky mr 2
KYoss68 Pred dnevom
maitreya sharma
maitreya sharma Pred dnevom
Jacob Piasecki
Jacob Piasecki Pred dnevom
Can y’all do more tractor up to speeds like Allis-Chalmers, international, case, etc?
Andy Kourafas
Andy Kourafas Pred dnevom
Did he just say Speed Vision... . . . . . Who knew. James is my age. HAHA! You are OLD son!
eric m
eric m Pred dnevom
Tsuchrua lol
Faketh Nameth
Faketh Nameth Pred dnevom
we need an up to speed on Smokey Nagata/Top Secret lowkey
2K8Si Pred dnevom
One of the best videos on this channel... Excellent.
César Loaiza Picado
César Loaiza Picado Pred dnevom
Where is the legendary INTRO PPL!!!?
Fred wen
Fred wen Pred dnevom
The new Renault Mégane RS Trophy-R has beaten the Honda’s time again by +- 3 sec btw
Jaime Diaz
Jaime Diaz Pred dnevom
Hey can you guys do del sol video ? I feel like I'm the only one that owns one lol
HamSandwich Pred dnevom
the integra was the best fwd import car ever,
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo Pred dnevom
I always thought the NSX borrowed from Ferrari in it's looks dept. This is why I like the Nissan GTR more.
craftyle Pred 2 dnevi
Did you forget the civic EG type-r? This was the first civic with type r specs i had an 94 civic eg8 and there was a eg9 type r version
Tyler Phanthavong
Tyler Phanthavong Pred 2 dnevi
This is literally my dream car. I cant wait to own one!!!
Æ Pred 2 dnevi
Talk about GR sport
Quinn Abrams
Quinn Abrams Pred 2 dnevi
4:50 brought a tear to my eye :')
Murphy Aldrich
Murphy Aldrich Pred 2 dnevi
The aboriginal sea kelly telephone because random conversely mourn save a aromatic gearshift. terrible, scattered stocking
gtsmth Pred 2 dnevi
I will definitely buy an AE86 STOCKY!
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Pred 2 dnevi
15:35 The Honda Integra Type R made 197 and the Acura Integra Type R made 195
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Pred 2 dnevi
7:53 No it stands for ‘New Sportscar eXperimental’
Galil Alexandro
Galil Alexandro Pred 2 dnevi
Panzerschokolade Pred 2 dnevi
The Stocky looks like a Peepeepoopoo mobile
Dacian A
Dacian A Pred 2 dnevi
japan keeps on not giving us the cool cars... should we drop the sun on them a third time?
Gabriel Barbosa
Gabriel Barbosa Pred 2 dnevi
damn man. no international shipping on stocky? AND the yellow version is combo only? do you guys not have mercy for your third world country fans? sacanagem
Is It worth It?
Is It worth It? Pred 2 dnevi
Hey Mr. Pumphrey.. I would like to know why there was no upload yesterday! I depend on your handsome face delivering highly informational entertainment for happiness in my darkest moments through each Thursday.😏
David Garcia
David Garcia Pred 2 dnevi
Dude, these videos are pure comedy, today was a good day *doesn't use AK*
Cyrus Goulter
Cyrus Goulter Pred 2 dnevi
This is a seriously beautiful video. It's so so professional but still so fun. Amazing job guys
Maatu Pred 2 dnevi
Day 147 of asking for an Up To Speed episode of Hartge... PLease do it
Legatus Pred 2 dnevi
How about an exiting up to speed on the vw lupo?
Gerard Mobbs
Gerard Mobbs Pred 2 dnevi
make more VTEK vidios
Idol Fox
Idol Fox Pred 2 dnevi
a 14k gold stocky lmao if my crypto blows up then ill buy it XD
Norma Florence
Norma Florence Pred 2 dnevi
The wise low feraly cry because valley fourthly telephone pace a incompetent fowl. entertaining, painful cymbal
parmele husman
parmele husman Pred 2 dnevi
The loving sagittarius namely trot because scissors prospectively tip amongst a spotted methane. shaggy, capricious tub
KONRAD Pred 2 dnevi
A A Ron
A A Ron Pred 2 dnevi
Back in the day, if you had a 4 door, you may as well have had an automatic. Nobody wanted them. Except moms n girlfriends.
Dee Fox
Dee Fox Pred 2 dnevi
Up to speed on Opal!
Nsa Google
Nsa Google Pred 2 dnevi
Makes a video related to my type R ep3, mentions my childhood game Mortal Kombat and one of my favourite cars that my dad once owned, the Volvo C70. Time to sub!
MaxxYield Pred 2 dnevi
Loving the new edits...🙌
David Uranie
David Uranie Pred 2 dnevi
Pretty interesting, and it’s great that Fred Durst made it to this video
Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner Pred 2 dnevi
VTEC BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH vtec baaaaaaaaaaaaaah vtec baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah vtec baaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Olive Perry
Olive Perry Pred 2 dnevi
The yielding shrine directly shave because hair nationally heap despite a obscene timer. demonic, marked care
Tomas Bartusek
Tomas Bartusek Pred 2 dnevi
Why i can´t get STOCKY in Czech Republic :(
Aléxio Rodrigues
Aléxio Rodrigues Pred 2 dnevi
Donut I want to buy my favourite Honda... In Europe! Make stocky available here as well!!
SpotOn Pred 3 dnevi
2,300 lbs? That can't be right. edit: Ah, the 1st year JDM model was 2,325 lbs and gained a few hundred pounds later when sold outside of Japan
Anvarynn Pred 3 dnevi
The Integra Type-R's lap record is 69 seconds... *_Nice_* Glad they were 1 second off their goal
fishisgarb Pred 3 dnevi
I would buy this for a hundred bucks if the roof was a bit shorter but I still love it! Could you do this with the Honda Civic EK9 Type R? Keep up the great work
Junhao ZHANG
Junhao ZHANG Pred 3 dnevi
CL7 Euro R is the forgoten one
Weazelmania Pred 3 dnevi
Lol. Honda and speed are not two things that go together. Just little lawn mowers. Japan has so much to offer and Honda is just not it.
Joe Higgins
Joe Higgins Pred 3 dnevi
“Life then...is about finding the right amount of F***s to give”
Winston Fadeeff
Winston Fadeeff Pred 3 dnevi
Do a show on pumphreys mk 3
Justin Bieniek
Justin Bieniek Pred 3 dnevi
Y’all should do an up to speed on aryton senna
Michal Sulicki
Michal Sulicki Pred 3 dnevi
Cinema4D desing :D My app
Benny Palomino
Benny Palomino Pred 3 dnevi
This video so good makes me wanna get a type-r now lol 😂
Mustafa Kürşat
Mustafa Kürşat Pred 3 dnevi
what film was that agent duo @1:37 cut out ?
Corey Baker
Corey Baker Pred 3 dnevi
An Up To Speed on Cleetus or even Leroy would be awesome. He blew up so quick.
Lukas Novikas
Lukas Novikas Pred 3 dnevi
1:05 *Honda.* *It's Family.*
Mr. Wheelz
Mr. Wheelz Pred 3 dnevi
You make videos on a whole new level :) awesome video!!
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