The Next Money Pit Project Car Revealed

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Thanks to Ebay Motors for sponsoring this video! CLICK here to search through thousands of cars and parts \u0026 list those project cars and spare parts sitting around!

It’s time we say goodbye to our Miata … it won’t be forever BUT we have a brand spankin new car! We have big plans for our new build so stop reading this and go watch the vid!

We have a new channel!

Money Pit is where you get to learn about cars as we work on them. Each ep we’ll breakdown how each component works and then we’ll upgrade it. Join us in our journey to build cool cars, learn about them, and drive the crap out of them!

Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!
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Bigcountry7.3 Pred 21 minuto
Oh wow a bmw what a shocker
lazar vucetic
lazar vucetic Pred 25 minutami
YAY new cris fixXD
Dootguy Pred 27 minutami
I did a little girly scream when you said "rally build"
de Moritz z
de Moritz z Pred 36 minutami
The white e36 was completeley fine probably...i mean look at that cage
Cory Berends
Cory Berends Pred 40 minutami
No way that's awesome, I was studying the body lines really hard under that black curtain and I thought, surely that's an E36. And wow I was right
Paul05 Pred 42 minutami
"E36 is relatively cheap" -- dudeee they are 36k in germany if you want an M3 engine and germany is the country they were fucking built in
wojtek szade
wojtek szade Pred 50 minutami
I'm kinda disappointed.
Carlos Valdovinos
Carlos Valdovinos Pred uro
there was an e36 identical to that once for sale here in NJ
The 404 Error
The 404 Error Pred uro
Can the next car be a budget drift build of either the AE86, GT86, or 240SX?
Dominik McAbee
Dominik McAbee Pred 2 urami
From under the cover I could tell it was an E36 BMW I’m so hyped!
Dave Stanczyk
Dave Stanczyk Pred 2 urami
Called it
Bottom Gear
Bottom Gear Pred 2 urami
Are we gonna talk about the 32k 350z?
Avery Flock
Avery Flock Pred 2 urami
Should have been james 86
August Cornfeld
August Cornfeld Pred 2 urami
I swear to god Please put a skidtray on as stock, because the car will not be very happy otherwise
Joey Elley
Joey Elley Pred 3 urami
swap the gearbox to manual
Mark Swinhoe
Mark Swinhoe Pred 3 urami
Shart cart and now shit car. 😒 But I'll be watching!
Kaden Bourgeois
Kaden Bourgeois Pred 3 urami
Before i see the reveal, by the shape of it, i assume it is an e36
REZONATE Pred 3 urami
Lol.... e36 the most over used "build" also sponsored by eBay doesn't scream free car to anyone else lmfao
Max Pred 3 urami
Zach, begging you to turbocharge this car in the future
Chad Johns
Chad Johns Pred 3 urami
Can’t wait to buy a pin of this new money pit 😩💯🫀
Ricky Seddon
Ricky Seddon Pred 3 urami
OFF ROAD E36!!!!!!!
Ashton Bozarth
Ashton Bozarth Pred 4 urami
So is this gonna be the hoonigans shit car vs donut money pit?
Bryan Serino
Bryan Serino Pred 4 urami
finally a proper car in this channel!! ;) excited for more content
ivo Borisov
ivo Borisov Pred 5 urami
what is the chance this is my summer build XD
uR_mOm Ur_MoM
uR_mOm Ur_MoM Pred 5 urami
next up should be a drag car
Roger Fletcher
Roger Fletcher Pred 5 urami
It sounds like there isnt enough 'rolling start power' so maybe try a new ecu?
R Pred 5 urami
Nice pick 👍
Mike's Auto
Mike's Auto Pred 5 urami
Yes siirrr, les gooo. And not every car has a filter there but they do have oil fill caps to remove lol
Kenny Valdivia
Kenny Valdivia Pred 5 urami
Trans swap for sure
coconut_blond Pred 6 urami
Do a real money pit, Subaru wagon.
Cesar Davila
Cesar Davila Pred 6 urami
dude im stupid excited. also, learn how to drive an automatic scrub.
Ford_mikko Pred 6 urami
Tadan Lafrance
Tadan Lafrance Pred 6 urami
Well now I want to offroad my e36 vert🤣
leonardo cafferata
leonardo cafferata Pred 7 urami
A golf mk2 would have been great..
Gunzerkeryoda Pred 7 urami
Man... that sic perm!
Topstar Mbewe
Topstar Mbewe Pred 7 urami
How reliable is the "ebay motors" when it come to shipping to other continents??
Topstar Mbewe
Topstar Mbewe Pred 7 urami
Awaiting the next episode 👍🏾
Max Pearce
Max Pearce Pred 7 urami
Should have been an evo 😪
HiLow7 Pred 7 urami
Does anybody else think of hoonigans sh*t car when they first saw the beemer
Turnschuuh RC
Turnschuuh RC Pred 8 urami
RWD for Rallye is like FWD for drifting...
DAM4GE Pred 9 urami
It took me 0.000000001 second to guess the car
Königs Gurke
Königs Gurke Pred 9 urami
Can you tune a 90,s eclipse?
shng sam
shng sam Pred 9 urami
omg .. looking fwd to this now i am regretting selling my previous E36s .. do a manual swap change to 325 manifold this car will be great
Tobias McRae
Tobias McRae Pred 9 urami
Duddeee! I just bought an E36 project car. Black 318 Ti manual. With a clutch out of an M3 and a lightweight Flywheel. I want to make it more offroady. I'm fucking beyond stoked with their choice of vehicle.
katleho Nogqala
katleho Nogqala Pred 9 urami
I got into an accident with my e36 😭😭
siimuska Pred 9 urami
This white e36 video is from estonia
MackaDaCracka Pred 10 urami
E36 gang
Mongloid Pred 11 urami
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 11 urami
Tom Francis
Tom Francis Pred 11 urami
Me watching from India realising that this is illegal here. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta 😂
Carlos the Third
Carlos the Third Pred 12 urami
who else can see the e36 under the tarp
Phantom Arcanist
Phantom Arcanist Pred 12 urami
dylan gruich
dylan gruich Pred 12 urami
Anyone know where I can find the ghost e36 video?
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht Pred 11 urami
LS SWAP or even better 4bt
Squid Girl
Squid Girl Pred 13 urami
7:56 Nightride?
Mario Saenz
Mario Saenz Pred 13 urami
I'm ready to throw my money in. For a donut media rally team in baja
Matt Guts
Matt Guts Pred 14 urami
My e39 is looking at me with a worried side eye. This is going to be awesome.
Drastic GT
Drastic GT Pred 14 urami
grew some hate for BMW over the years, But these years look clean sound great and have so much aftermarket, i think this is a great choice. cant wait. maybe next time do a Toyota Tacoma turbo, tuned from lc engineering . 2RZ engine ??????????
Tommy B.
Tommy B. Pred 14 urami
Yo e36 gang wya
John Juice
John Juice Pred 14 urami
Man you put that under a tarp like we can’t tell it’s an e36
Edmon Pred 14 urami
I saw a weight saving video today so please show everything you pull out from there 🥺
brian daum
brian daum Pred 15 urami
i wood have gone for a econobox with a manual and no a/c exampel chevy aveo
Filip Górecki
Filip Górecki Pred 15 urami
High five to all who knew what it was with the cover still on it.
Riley Woodbeck
Riley Woodbeck Pred 15 urami
Would never pick for a rally car - rally = hatchback AWD. Would be a great build as a stanced road beast or a German performance homage.....but this is a wierd combo.
Thor Cain
Thor Cain Pred 16 urami
Drinks every time Zack 👏
Aveeno Ashely
Aveeno Ashely Pred 17 urami
I’m exited
Jonathan Herrera
Jonathan Herrera Pred 17 urami
E1337Jerk Pred 18 urami
LS SWAP or even better 4bt
E1337Jerk Pred 18 urami
Autos are good for one thing. Super high end drag every thing else they suck for.
Logan Page
Logan Page Pred 18 urami
I will not watch this season of money pit. You picked a BMW as a rally car? An RWD? Over a Subaru? Smh. I can not believe it. Smh
Dar Win
Dar Win Pred 18 urami
Ughhhhh I can’t wait till next Wednesday you tease us so much and you know you can’t wait either
volronrusso Pred 19 urami
I swear to god they better be stripping that Interior.
Ticalos Ticalos
Ticalos Ticalos Pred 19 urami
Oh noooooo poor BMW
Yuri Andrade
Yuri Andrade Pred 19 urami
So... Did the white 36 finished the race or not?
Andre S.
Andre S. Pred 20 urami
I really enjoyed watching this series of Donut Media, I learned a lot just watching from this series
Lord Kermit The Frog
Lord Kermit The Frog Pred 20 urami
Damn, I was way off
Alex Pred 20 urami
Well this is fun! Golly gee whizz guys!
ehnubis Pred 20 urami
1st gen DSM great money pit even with just basic maintenance
Jeziel Perez
Jeziel Perez Pred 20 urami
Love it my friend had this car then he crashed it😪, y’all should do sum super out of the norm for your next build and get a Scion tC 1st generation and see what you could do with it, it’s fwd car, people for some reason hate it, I think it’s super underrated and a super fun car to have.
Kirkland Funz
Kirkland Funz Pred 20 urami
I knew it was a Beamer when I seen the sneak peek
Ian Cook
Ian Cook Pred 20 urami
knew it was an e36 just from looking at the thumbnail lol
cminagil Pred 20 urami
I was hoping for something worth building, but I see you really just wanted a BMW instead of something fun and cost effective. I guess I'll keep waiting until the next vehicle comes around.
Lutola Pred 21 uro
you gotta cut your hair so we can measure the season again
MdcTT Pred 21 uro
4500 damn. They go for like 2000 here manual.
Devon Morse
Devon Morse Pred 21 uro
I am absolutely stoked to see this series play out!!!!
Brad Bridges
Brad Bridges Pred 21 uro
Bryan Pred 22 urami
I wish they would’ve done a drag car :/
Master James
Master James Pred 22 urami
liam mckenna
liam mckenna Pred 22 urami
Why is it not an r34 gtr?? Are these guys dumb?
Fart Sparkle
Fart Sparkle Pred 22 urami
Background music at the beginning is "I Don't Give a Damn" - by Vivera, Kitty Lingmerth (instrumental). If anyone was curious :D
Devon Z
Devon Z Pred 23 urami
I don’t think shipping to Alaska is cheap though!
Heathcliff Happy
Heathcliff Happy Pred 23 urami
Rally car, awesome!
Nathan Adcock
Nathan Adcock Pred 23 urami
I love these build series, so inspiring!
Abbott Pred 23 urami
what is the car behind him at 0:45 ?
Brandon Willson
Brandon Willson Pred dnevom
A 1992 Ford Escort RS would be dope too
Blest Pred dnevom
very unscientific baseline data going forwards means that this whole "timing" portion of this series is garbage... you didn't know the track so every lap you did was faster & faster as you got to know it, so common sense dictates that if you kept doing laps your times would possibly keep dropping so what did you accomplish here? If I pissed on the BMW at that point odds are you would have dropped a faster lap so is my piss go fast juice? nice try anyway
A_albaugh Pred dnevom
Brooooo this is gonna be such a fun series i just got my 3rd bmw an e36 and this will be fun to see
shehatesidk Pred dnevom
I love e36😩😩
Sensei Joshu
Sensei Joshu Pred dnevom
Guess I’m getting an e36 now
Jhonson Gaming
Jhonson Gaming Pred dnevom
Why u didn't buy a lada 4x4?
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