The Best And Worst Taste in Hip Hop

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Rappers like cars, but who’s got the best? We attempted to find out. We ranked a few rappers with notable car collections to find out who has the best taste in cars. This is the D-List!

(Thumbnail photo via Car Effex IG)

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Donut Media
Donut Media Pred mesecem
We've mentioned other rappers' cars in the past but couldn't include everyone in this video! Who should we put in the next rapper car list?
Jr Pred 3 dnevi
Ybn nahmir
Carter Pred 3 dnevi
ryan upchurch
juan Pred 3 dnevi
Alex K
Alex K Pred 4 dnevi
Gucci Mane
Iz x SenseiZ
Iz x SenseiZ Pred 8 dnevi
Hannah May
Hannah May Pred 2 urami
Card I b should have gotten an f since her collection is as basic as her shit music
guvno zasrnaee zazygane
guvno zasrnaee zazygane Pred 7 urami
uzi is way too high
Joey Pred 7 urami
Should’ve done curre$$y
??!??! Pred 17 urami
should’ve put $not in this list
augie pina
augie pina Pred 20 urami
Yo! That’s not his rx7 that’s jons from enticed. So sexy
Long Unstrung
Long Unstrung Pred dnevom's cars looks as shit as his music, and if i sound like a hater right now, you are god damn right.
lush HUSH 0327
lush HUSH 0327 Pred dnevom
this singers should be on list jennie kim: uses mr-2 aw11 for his solo kris wu a guy who own black and white skyline gtr's and a racer.
lush HUSH 0327
lush HUSH 0327 Pred dnevom
2:10 to skip ads
rlec Pred dnevom
13:36 Looks like the Night Shark from gta
cyqohs Pred 2 dnevi
xavier wulf needs to be in a part 2
Outtapocket Playboy
Outtapocket Playboy Pred 2 dnevi
Uzi has a black fur urus and other cars that wasn’t mentioned he should be a or b tier if not s
LFX Gaming
LFX Gaming Pred 2 dnevi
bruh cardi b A tier? shes got the most generic rich person taste in cars ever
Tyler Miles
Tyler Miles Pred 2 dnevi
And that Dimond almost killed lil uzi
Baki Hanma
Baki Hanma Pred 2 dnevi
Idk what y'all smoking but lemme have some of that Lol T-Pain is easily an S. You didn't even mention his RTR Coyote from Vahn Gittin Jr. That thing is Nasty
guy who knows 4 chords
guy who knows 4 chords Pred 2 dnevi
Guys I love you all but I think you guys are super biased when it comes to popular JDM cars. I personally liked Will.I.Am’s cars cuz they’re unique as f***. Taste is subjective so it’s cool I guess! Keep up the good work. Again, much love from Toronto Canada ❤️
Jake Walker
Jake Walker Pred 2 dnevi
I’ve seen T-Pain’s Pickle Rick 240 in person, that car is done RIGHT. GMG Automotive really outdid themselves with it!
Jace Young
Jace Young Pred 3 dnevi
I would’ve put cardi b in between c and d because she didn’t have much taste just expensive flashy cars
WaterInMee Pred 4 dnevi
I learned how to drive off a golf cart xD
WaterInMee Pred 4 dnevi
I learned how when I was like 7 or 6
Tyler Burrell
Tyler Burrell Pred 4 dnevi
when delivering a car for mercedes benz (i work there) at a shop, i saw uzis r8 and bugatti veyron in the shops showroom.
PhantomLord Pred 4 dnevi
Matrix Esee
Matrix Esee Pred 4 dnevi
The psychotic cockroach respectively return because withdrawal observationally answer atop a resolute river. deserted, enchanted cave
Adlan Haris Animet
Adlan Haris Animet Pred 4 dnevi
The Best 4:20👌
Jotaro Pred 4 dnevi
Lil Uzi Vert is a man of culture
Ross Gleason
Ross Gleason Pred 4 dnevi
No love for J COle and the Bentley he took mudding in the Middle Child video?
Chase Kinsey
Chase Kinsey Pred 4 dnevi
You forgot about Kanye's collection of SHERPS
Andrea Lizarraga
Andrea Lizarraga Pred 5 dnevi
The earsplitting kettle immediately wink because gold acceptably question sans a envious birch. ugliest, ready shoe
Beast Mode Gaming
Beast Mode Gaming Pred 5 dnevi
Why isn't the weeknd on the list?
Runbi Pred 5 dnevi
Thanks for the truck :)
inVolved Garage
inVolved Garage Pred 6 dnevi
Cardi B w no license ranked above a guy whose into drifting? 🤔
Gavin G
Gavin G Pred 7 dnevi
You guys forgot to mention that Post Malone has a Subaru WRX
Elliot Sasseville
Elliot Sasseville Pred 7 dnevi
The best part of the vid was the omaze part 🤣
Alvin Gunnion
Alvin Gunnion Pred 7 dnevi
justice for those cars are cool as hell
Ryan Nickell
Ryan Nickell Pred 8 dnevi
The unknown playroom gergely applaud because salary unlikely attach via a longing factory. abandoned, mellow cow
iFrunk _
iFrunk _ Pred 8 dnevi
Action Bronson deserves better then B tier
Serbian Bodybuilding Enthusiast
Serbian Bodybuilding Enthusiast Pred 8 dnevi
Quake_ Childish55
Quake_ Childish55 Pred 8 dnevi
Nah bro Kanye bought two nightsharks from gta 😐😐
not a drug dealer
not a drug dealer Pred 8 dnevi
Why did ppl not like Travis Scott’s bmw?
Anthony Baskette
Anthony Baskette Pred 8 dnevi
Moe Powa Baby!!!
R.I. Faiyaz
R.I. Faiyaz Pred 9 dnevi
Your subject presentation is great. 👍🏻
Noah Pred 9 dnevi
Hollow squad?
Nick Gauthier
Nick Gauthier Pred 9 dnevi
wow the did action bronson dirty with b tier, his e24 is fuckin’ dirty
Ali Ben
Ali Ben Pred 10 dnevi
Christopher Charles
Christopher Charles Pred 10 dnevi
Damm no Curren$y?
Avery Pred 10 dnevi
You guys need another one if these
sochyvonn nora
sochyvonn nora Pred 11 dnevi
Cardy b should be f
Metroplex Pred 11 dnevi
Video game and Anime music is better
This is Midas
This is Midas Pred 11 dnevi
I loved D list when there was no Nolan included
doctajuice Pred 11 dnevi
Y'all did T pain dirty dude he and frank Ocean are the only ones that have really proper driver cars, no flex. They should have been the only two on s tier
Rodosha Plays
Rodosha Plays Pred 11 dnevi
This video was published on my birthday
juan gallardo
juan gallardo Pred 12 dnevi
The offbeat appeal ophthalmoscopically request because larch nally request circa a billowy index. thoughtful, spiffy ferry
Kilo Bravo
Kilo Bravo Pred 12 dnevi
T-Pain who have a 240SX, try to learn to drift and works on his own on his BMW E46 is only B but Travis Scott and Ludacris are on S? What a bullshit. Cardi B on A u guys are clowns
Top Secret
Top Secret Pred 12 dnevi
Not gonna lie but WilliAm putting a old-school Bugatti-esque body on a 1958 beetle chassis is hilarious. Something of a swing at the fact that Bugatti is owned by Volkswagen AG.
Andrey Kinakh
Andrey Kinakh Pred 12 dnevi
Not surprised cardi can’t drive 😂
Big Perc
Big Perc Pred 12 dnevi
Part 2 with curren$y please
Big Perc
Big Perc Pred 12 dnevi
Curren$y better be on this list
Daniel Yi
Daniel Yi Pred 12 dnevi
travis doesn’t own any of the japanese imports in his videos
HEFF THE GAUUD Pred 12 dnevi
Kanye has a nightshark truck, that's tough
Jz Pred 13 dnevi
That truck is badass ngl
Syff. YT
Syff. YT Pred 13 dnevi
Zack Gordon
Zack Gordon Pred 13 dnevi
ybn nahmir, xavier wulf and wyclef jean
Sebastian Bos
Sebastian Bos Pred 13 dnevi
WROB3L Pred 13 dnevi
Cmon that will.i.ams delorean was dope
Jerry Pole
Jerry Pole Pred 13 dnevi
Bulletproof Waffles
Bulletproof Waffles Pred 13 dnevi
Do comedians next please
Eduardo Pred 13 dnevi
Been a subscriber since 500k subs
MK3 Pred 13 dnevi
Oh yeah anime
Herman malika
Herman malika Pred 13 dnevi
The insidious piano astonishingly attach because pelican ectrodactyly request apropos a xenophobic phone. laughable, tasteless college
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown Pred 13 dnevi
t. pain got robbed
Krisztián Rézmann
Krisztián Rézmann Pred 13 dnevi
They really put someone who just buys whatever is expensive above a dude with actual drift cars
William Rivera
William Rivera Pred 14 dnevi
Yall put cardi in here... and not xavier wulf :|
mohammad rahman
mohammad rahman Pred 14 dnevi
That was probably the best omaze ad we have seen a while lol.
Arden Kroesbergen
Arden Kroesbergen Pred 14 dnevi
That's assuming that rap/ hip hop has any taste at all.
Stefwan Pred 14 dnevi
wasn't the supra in jackboys borrowed by someone? same for the rx7
Okgantse Motlhamme Motlhamme
Okgantse Motlhamme Motlhamme Pred 14 dnevi
The music in the background from the omaze ad. I need the name
Ian Tobias
Ian Tobias Pred 14 dnevi
If a celebrity has a grand national their decently an s tier even if they have other crappy cars
chain Pred 14 dnevi
Forgot $not
Larry Savage
Larry Savage Pred 14 dnevi
Win the super bowl and drive off in a Hyundai
Mason Fuqua
Mason Fuqua Pred 15 dnevi
My buddy owns that supra , that's not actually Travis Scott's car
L Wyckoff
L Wyckoff Pred 15 dnevi
You missed young dolph
Joshua Busby
Joshua Busby Pred 15 dnevi
The woebegone detective renomegaly carry because teller cytochemically breathe behind a neighborly ring. aromatic, real grandson
Mulluckbrot Pred 15 dnevi
you should have included some german rappers like Gzuz, BonesMC, Ufo361 etc.
Jason Zamora
Jason Zamora Pred 15 dnevi
Mo power baby
Jayon_Starr Pred 15 dnevi
How do you guys not mention Chris Brown he is crazy in the car seen
adam exe
adam exe Pred 15 dnevi
That not how u Pronounce uruc
Vladeta Vitirović
Vladeta Vitirović Pred 15 dnevi
Just A Viewer
Just A Viewer Pred 15 dnevi
Kanye has bad taste for gospel music? Nah y’all are just trash
SLMAIN Pred 15 dnevi
nah its just Not a really good album
Rodrigo Cota
Rodrigo Cota Pred 15 dnevi
why the La Flame´s m3 didnt like the people?
Clay Fozz
Clay Fozz Pred 15 dnevi
Ik this video was 4 weeks ago, but they really should have mentioned YelaWolf
Claudio Pred 16 dnevi
That Lancia's white livery with the martini stripe is awesome,a limited edition if i'm not wrong. Pretty rare to see even in italy. When i was a kid i've seen one a couple of time where i live. It was the only lucky bastard in town. That car was making everyone head turn. The owner was a known face just for being the owner of that white Delta XD Best hot hatch ever imho. A car that makes everyone happy. If you have an italian friend try to look straight in his eyes and say with a proper pronunciation "Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione" you'll be amazed by the reaction.
ChristosQ Pred 16 dnevi
Da Baby?
Max Faber
Max Faber Pred 16 dnevi
Not sure how I feel about seeing pink season up there
Immanuel N.
Immanuel N. Pred 16 dnevi
Hello, Donut Media, please I want to talk to James 😄😄 It's about the Demon Thanks in advance 🙏
Kevin Abangwu
Kevin Abangwu Pred 16 dnevi
Guys, Frank Ocean is not ‘hip hop’ 🤧
Anmol Sharma
Anmol Sharma Pred 16 dnevi
Rate youtuber's cars
Fowler J
Fowler J Pred 16 dnevi
5 million because of short term memory
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin Pred 17 dnevi
Registered patina-file lol
Drayton Brown
Drayton Brown Pred 17 dnevi
Didnt cover YBN nahmir? Hes got a built 350z drift car and hosts car meets
Jeno Jen
Jeno Jen Pred 17 dnevi
I may be a bit late to comment buuut this could be proof i was there whe you guys reached 5m subs
Tj Pred 17 dnevi
How did uzi get put in C, his R8 is insane🤦🏾‍♂️
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